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Heard the story of the Acres of Diamonds?

An African farmer was so excited about the tales of riches he’d heard of other farmers finding diamond mines, he sold his farm so he could go prospecting for diamonds. He spent the rest of his life wandering around Africa searching unsuccessfully for the elusive gems until finally, in despair, he threw himself into a river and drowned.

Meanwhile, the man who had bought his farm happened to be walking in a field, when suddenly something caught his eye on the ground. He bent down and picked up a shiny stone and as the story goes, the land turned out to be one of the most productive diamond mines in Africa.

“Your greatest opportunity for success, lies right under your feet, your own acres of diamonds” Napoleon Hill

A number of clients have had great success through this simple lesson.

Before we start thinking about selling new products to new customers let’s take a step back and look at what’s right under our noses. The first place to go is to sell existing products to existing customers.

We call this exercise the “Diamond Matrix”.

How many unearthed diamonds is your business sitting on?

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