"The more you learn, the more you earn"

The Really Good Business Club was started to help the local business community learn the things they needed to learn in order to grow a sustainable and profitable business. We want you to thrive in business but in order for that to happen the chances are you'll need to learn some stuff. Certified Business Coach Alan Smith and Chartered Accountant Val Wishart started this club for the benefit of the community in which they work on the basis of THE MORE, THE MORE ....."the more we can help people to grow, the more money they make, the more people they employ....and that can only be a good thing for our economy"

Why you should

Attend this event

Chartered Accountant Valerie Wishart of Beyond The Numbers Accountancy Firm and I launched the Really Good Business Club at the Institute of Directors in Edinburgh City Centre in April 2018.

Why did we start it? Simple really.

We wanted to lay on educational events where business owners can:

1) learn about a variety of topics delivered by people with strong credibility in their field.

2) network with other people who have a business, enjoy business and want to get even better at business.

3) to have a bit of fun.

Book on by clicking on the event you're interested in. Tickets are just £15.

What does the event cover?


Frid 6 April

How to Build a Valuable Business

Frid 11 May

Building A Stong And Sustainable Business Model

GDPAAAAARGH - GDPR for Marketing

Frid 8 June

Using IT For Competitive Advantage

Frid 10 Aug

Doing The Right Thing For Your Team members

Frid 7 Sept

How Good Do You Look Online?

Frid 12 Oct

How To Leverage The Power of LinkedIN

Frid 9 Nov

How To Attract More Clients Through Digital Marketing

Frid 7 Dec

What To Do When The Vitals Signs Of The Business Are Flashing Red

Frid 11 Jan

How Much Is Enough? Know Your Number

Is this the right event for me?

If you are:

  • based in Edinburgh and The Lothians
  • the owner of your own business which is currently trading and has a team of at least 5 people
  • interested in growth
  • keen to learn more about key aspects of business
  • keen to meet other like-minded owners

The coming along to one of our events will likely be for you.

Why not get in touch for more details or just book on through clicking on the event that interests you.

Event details

  • Friday 11 May 2018
  • 08:30 - 10:30
  • Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

    Saint Mary's Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


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About the speaker

Alan Smith

  • A certified business coach with the World’s No1 Business Coaching Firm – ActionCOACH.
  • Winner of Best Client Ratings Award 2017 and 2018 with a Net Promoter Score of 86.
  • Has worked with two of the world’s largest blue-chip food and drink companies – Pepsico and Mondelez (formerly Cadbury)
  • A results driven individual with a track record of success, with a particular focus in developing and improving business performance through implementing sales and marketing strategies and through building motivated and effective teams to perform in highly competitive markets.
  • Have a look at some of the numerous five star Google reviews from delighted clients…
The training morning was very informative & fun. Alan is an excellent presenter and it shows he is very experienced in presenting to business people. I was reminded again and again of techniques I could use in multiple areas of my business. James Gough - Virtual Global


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