Creating A Winning Team

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Have you ever wondered how clubs like Barcelona FC have managed to create a team that consistently performs at the highest level over a prolonged period of time? Well, the principles of what creates a great team in business are no different to that of business and in this workshop we'll explore the key ingredients you'll need to have in order to create your winning team.

Why you should

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It's very likely that your wage bill is one of your biggest areas of expenditure, and in today’s world is it far harder to attract, retain and motivate good people than ever before.

So, are you getting the most from your team?

...and have you ever thought about it this way....

Are they getting the most from YOU and YOUR business?

Global statistics state that less than 20% of the workforce are 'engaged' at work. So 4 in every 5 employees are NOT engaged and more scary still....1 in 5 are actively DIS-engaged....meaning that they're working against you....EVERYDAY!

Never has it been more important to build yourself a winning team.

This workshop will give you the framework to help do this.

What does the event cover?

We will take you through:

  • the recruitment process that gets great people every time
  • the 5 essential ingredients we must have within the team (and without any one of them the team will always under-perform versus it's potential)
  • the step-by-step framework to used by ActionCOACH clients around the world to get people pointed in the right direction
  • useful tips and templates to help manage performance including:
    • how to improve your communication with your team
    • how to have purposeful 121s
    • how to set meaningful performance measures
    • how to get the team contributing solutions to your biggest opportunities or challenges

We'll also challenge your beliefs around your ability to build a great team and get you thinking differently.

Is this the right event for me?

The Number 1 KPI for any business owner is Profit

The Number 2 KPI is Happy People

So, if you're a Business Owner or a General Manager then this will be the right workshop for you.

In order to get the most from this workshop you'll need to come here with a genuine belief that your people hold the key to your future success and that you're wiling to make the necessary changes to the way you work in order for this to happen.

Through implementing the things we'll cover you WILL see:

  • Greater team motivation
  • Improved staff retention
  • Better business performance

And we're interested in helping people who're serious about creating a winning team.

Event details

  • Wednesday 18 October 2017
  • 18:00 - 20:30
  • Macdonald Houstoun House

    Uphall, West Lothian EH52 6JS, United Kingdom

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About the speaker

Alan Smith

  • A certified business coach with the World’s No1 Business Coaching Firm – ActionCOACH.
  • Winner of Best Client Ratings Award 2017 and 2018 with a Net Promoter Score of 86.
  • Has worked with two of the world’s largest blue-chip food and drink companies – Pepsico and Mondelez (formerly Cadbury)
  • A results driven individual with a track record of success, with a particular focus in developing and improving business performance through implementing sales and marketing strategies and through building motivated and effective teams to perform in highly competitive markets.
  • Have a look at some of the numerous five star Google reviews from delighted clients…
The training morning was very informative & fun. Alan is an excellent presenter and it shows he is very experienced in presenting to business people. I was reminded again and again of techniques I could use in multiple areas of my business. James Gough - Virtual Global



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