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8 Feb 2017

Are you Mr Linked In or have you missed the Linked In boat?

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Are you Mr Linked In, or have you missed the Linked In boat?

Linked In has some 277 million users worldwide with a “mere “ 15 million in the UK. What other platform gives you access to such a breadth and depth of the UK’s business decision makers? Then gives you it all for Free. What a mad world we live in.

What’s mad is not the fact we get this for FREE, but over 95% of Sales Professionals fail to use Linked In anywhere near its full potential.

Here’s my Top Tips to prevent YOU from being “Missed” on Linked In

  • Create a profile that addresses the benefits for your targeted audience.
  • Forget the me, me , me, awards, I’m great, I’m the best – we’re so NOT interested. It's not about you, despite what may have worked before.
  • What’s In It for Me – That’s what your audience wants to see..
  • Target your audience – the more specific the better.
  • Add a clear Head and Shoulders Profile Image – and SMILE...
  • Appropriate Head and Shoulders image – not the Amsterdam trip guys !
  • Personalise your connection message – never, ever, EVER use the standard message. That should be banned, it's just lazy.
  • Say “Thank You” when connections are accepted, it’s professional courtesy.
  • Share content and value with your connections BEFORE sending a sales message. Be informative, creative and engaging.
  • Aim for 7 Touches before attempting the sales message.

Above all – never, and I mean EVER, connect then send a Sales Message… Are you kidding?

Here’s some other tips for Linked IN.

What goes on tour stays on tour. What goes on Linked In stays on Linked In. Remember that a prospect, client, BOSS, can (and will) read your previous posts. It’s not going to look good if you have a post of a drunken golf trip posted on Linked In. Sounds obvious, but you’ll see them EVERY DAY.

If you’re a serious player – upgrade to PREMIUM. Some disagree, but if you’re going after high value clients - it’s the Linked In equivalent of not shining your shoes.

Hope that helps and enjoy using Linked In.